The Virginia Barber School
The Virginia Barber School

Introducing The Virginia Barber School

For us, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning in our students.  With our candadate accredidation status, we have separated ourselves from other schools, we are nationaly reconized as a school of higher leaning.


Our school's mission statement:

  • It is the mission of Virginia Barber School to stimulate the natural curiosity and desire
    to learn by staying ahead of the competition and by keeping up with the future
    of education.

    We also strive to focus on developing barber students intellectually, socially, and
    professionally. It is our goal to train students to be future leaders in the field of Barber Styling.

Learning in Action


The Virginia Barber School
1152 Wilkinson Rd
Richmond, Virginia 23227


Phone: +1 (804) 264-0800


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          (10am to 7pm)

 Tuesday through Saturday 



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