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At The Virginia Barber School, students become life-long learners. Our academic program instills the knowledge they will need to excel in the Barbering profession.


Our classes achieve excellence because we employ a wide repertoire of teaching and learning strategies, and students are actively involved in the learning process. Our stimulating classes draw upon students' strengths and encourage them to push themselves to the outer limits of their abilities.


Voluntary extracurricular activities, such as cutting the homeless for the holidays, enable students to apply the material they learn in class to a real-life situation. Teachers provide ideas and motivate students to take the initiative. In this way, students exercise their creativity and learn to set goals for themselves.



Scope of Sequence
of units


1. School policies;                                                                                                         50

2. State law, regulations and professional ethics;                                                             50

3. Business and shop management;                                                                                100

4. Client consultation;                                                                                                    100

5. Personal hygiene;                                                                                                      100

6. Cutting the hair with a razor, clippers, shears;                                                             100

7. Tapering the hair;                                                                                                      100

8. Thinning the hair;                                                                                                       50

9. Shampooing the hair;                                                                                                 50

10. Styling the hair with a hand hair dryer;                                                                      100

11. Thermal waving;                                                                                                       50

12. Permanent waving with chemicals;                                                                             100

13. Shaving;                                                                                                                  100

14. Trimming a moustache or beard;                                                                                50

15. Applying hair color;                                                                                                   50

16. Lightening or toning the hair;                                                                                     50

17. Analyzing skin or scalp conditions;                                                                              50

18. Giving scalp treatments                                                                                              50                  

19. Giving facial massage or treatment;                                                                            50

20. Sanitizing and maintaining implements and equipment; and                                          100

21. Honing and stropping a razor.                                                                                     50


Total Hours                                                                                                                     1500


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